Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

This will be a short post. Just took a little break from going over novel that needs so much re writing.
There are reasons why I will probably never meet anyone on any dating site. Good for some material only. The last few profiles were unbelievable in their quest and their requests..One jerk and I use the term instead of one that ends in hole…I still need to be a lady.
So getting to the point, one man said he was a 1-5 on the Kinsey Scale and wanted the same. I knew who Kinsey was, but not aware of a scale. so of course I Goggled . Not going into detail, you can Google if really interested. Let me put it nicely. Seems he would have sex with just about any combination. Did leave out Turkeys though.Perhaps a vegan. I checked myself out and I was a zero….. meaning heterosexual and one at a time. I never thought of sex as a media event or group sport. I deleted.
Next profile, he wanted a partner once a week to learn and practice Tantric Sex . Now, it’s not nice to be critical of someones looks, but I would think this guy should put an ad on Craig’s List and be willing to pay $10,000 and maybe, just maybe someone desperate for cash would be his partner. He may want what Sting practices, but needs to be a bit more realistic. I deleted.
By the way these are the usual dating sites, not some weird ones. I have never ventured, even for a good story on those.
Today’s profile I see the guy wants long-term sapiosexual relationship. I was almost afraid to Google this one.
Actually not so bad. “One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature.”
The idea of walking on the beach at night, or as they write kuddling in front of the fire, or having a nice lady take care of me, all seem mild now. I don’t mean to say they’re all like this………..just MOST!!!!!
I have found, since being single for over 11 years, a few things that have not changed. Most of the men want to have sex and then get to know you…..or not. Some men enjoy their own company (in every way) more than really getting to know a woman.
Some are very bitter and angry. I know there are some nice great guys on these sites. I just haven’t found one yet.
I’m still a born again virgin and intend to stay until Mr. Almost Wonderful arrives. One is on the horizon and right now in the fantasy phase….”Getting To Know You”. I am definitely not going in the direction of “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” As I said they very often turn into……”What was I thinking.” Not going to happen.
One of my favorite quotes is “Heard Melodies Are Sweet, Those Unheard Are Sweeter.” John Keats
Perhaps fantasy never lives up to reality……And then again, You Never Know.

Comments on: "Never Knew I Was A Zero, but Very Okay With It" (10)

  1. Marianne said:

    Now you see Paula why I am so worried to go into this, but that’s me i had a few Nightmare Encounters in the past the only thing that was good out that is what we lost,
    Nice writing all that,and let every body know to be careful.
    Thank you, love and miss you.

    • Thank you dear Marianne for reading and commenting. So right. What we had was the best. Sometimes you just have to take the risk and see “what’s out there.” You don’t have to “go for it.” Just check it out. Love and Miss you too, Paula

  2. Marianne said:

    By the way ,you look stunning my good Friend.

  3. Thank you Thank you my good Friend…Very much

  4. Ronnie Friedland said:

    Great column!

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Thank you Ronnie. Always appreciate your input. As you know from my conversations. I write from truth. Some real creeps out there. Thank you too, for moving to New York City dear friend.

  6. Wow… I know those are all true stories. I have heard some doosies from other people who have been on there. I can only imagine what kind of perverts think they are actually going to find someone to be what they want. Men can be so shallow! But women can be too. (not you of course) I think I would only go out with someone I have knows for 30 years! LOL!

  7. You really have to trust your intuition and inner voice. Catfish are so easy to spot. Perverts pretty much tell you they’re perverts. I have rarely ever wanted to go out twice and most of the time, I cancel even the coffee meeting. Use the sites as material, not a source for a future love…too realistic for that, but then again, you never know.
    Thanks always for your comments. xoxo

  8. Hi Paulette,
    This is terrific & so are you! Hope to see you again soon.
    PS I’m a zero too & proud of it!

    • Hi Linda,
      I appreciate you reading and commenting. Good to see you again, and look forward to our next ” In Stitches.”. We’re two terrific zeroes and proud to be😊❣

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