Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

So, someone fixed me up with a Pulitzer Prize winning writer. Finally someone older than I am. Not often impressed, but I was. After all a Pulitzer. But, that feeling went away rather quickly. Immediate zero chemistry……I might add, on both sides. The best part. It was quick. We met for a coffee/tea and one of his first words ” he had an appointment soon. and his dog was in the car, and he had some chores to do”, like go to the drug store. I was happy he didn’t share for what! Practicing Buddhist philosophy, I felt I could do the dog a favor. and get him out of the hot car, even with windows opened. I offered to hold the leash and watch his furry one. I actually spent more quality time with his dog and I liked that. No arrogance and very friendly.
So, there you have it….

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