Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Thinking maybe this time, instead of using for material, I would actually go on Tinder and OKCupid to find someone. Not necessarily harshly judging. I’m also on and do events for them as well as the Search. Feel safe there from catfish. Funny to just say the word. My dear friend Edith who passed away at 98 always gave me advice. Never search for Him. He will be there at the right time. Well it’s almost 12 years and as I have always said instead of a pity party. I had the very best soul connected love, and with all the problems, a long marriage, almost 50 years. We shared such a strong connection emotionally and physically. A romantic love with someone who had the capacity to love and be loved. He was not just the best human being, he was so good-looking, I loved looking at him. He would say the same to me. So 30 years was perfection and that may be all for me and I’m content and forever grateful for all I had and have in my life. But…….occasionally I feel and would say to Edith. “I have to be proactive and at least try.” Once again.
On Tinder there was Erich. A fitness trainer and model. There he was on his profile naked from the waist up. Whatever he was wearing was way below his waist, but thankfully not showing everything. A large gold chain topped off the look. He wanted to meet immediately because he knew “we were right for each other.” Unmatched immediately as I did with Juan who also shirtless and with a huge wide leather necklace. Only his face wasn’t tattooed and certainly not interested in finding out if any body parts were left without painted “art.” His profile said he was interested in finding his last love and “thot it could b me” I didn’t find the spelling or the art very appealing and unmatched as well. It’s boring to keep going over the unappealing guys, but the standouts are all holding small to huge dead fish. Wonder if a metaphor for something?????
Not all negative though. Actually going to meet two age appropriate, nice looking and interesting guys. OKCupid so maybe Edith won’t mind if Cupid had a plan.
Keep posted. You never know…..or do I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Good luck my dear! 🙂

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