Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

A friend I don’t see very often invited me for dinner. Lovely, right? She then called after we settled on a date to say “I don’t know what to make. You don’t eat that much of a variety”.
To set the record straight. I am a pescatarian, a vegan who eats fish and dairy. I also eat every vegetable known to man except Okra. Every nut, Every kind of humus, fruit, bean, cold water wild fish, yogurt, seeds, brown rice, more grains than I can list. So I eat many varieties. I love a glass of red wine…not much sugar, cheese, salt, or butter.
Now my friend was doing a little transference. She is a strict eater. Never bread, pasta, sugar etc. So I would say I was the easier one. She always talks about her lentil soup and how great it is. So when she said there is nothing for me to eat, I mentioned all that I enjoy, and how easy it is to put out some raw veggies with humus and her soup.
She wasn’t in the mood to make soup and called me at least three times to tell me she was having a problem with the menu. I was losing patience, but I know her issues and wanted to be nice so didn’t say. WTF! You invited me and now telling me how difficult it is.
I was planning on bringing a lovely bottle of red wine. I then offered to bring smoked wild salmon. I generally buy a 1/4 lb and it lasts for three days. Quite expensive. I said I would bring 1/2 lb of the salmon. She liked that. She then called to say what would we eat with that? So I offered to buy some humus and veggies. Now we’re up to about $80 for this lovely dinner invitation.
I empowered myself many years ago and never say “I should have said that or done that.” It’s a done deal with me from the get go. Old enough to not obsess about what should and could, have been said. I say it and feel good. Never hurtful, but honest, not too honest.
I called her and said it was all getting a little complicated and why don’t we just go out….we always get separate checks to avoid any drama.
The moral of this story. You can write what you want about anyone, as long as they aren’t on the same social network you’re on.

Comments on: "A Dinner Invit With Me Bringing The Food!" (5)

  1. Oh good! It sounds like going out was the best recourse from the get go… I’m sure you will have a lovely evening with no pressure on either of you. 🙂
    We all have one of “those” friends! It’s best to just realize who they are, what they do and then decide if they are worth the trouble. It can be 50/50 with me nowadays. My patience runs thin after a while and I am much more pragmatic in my willingness to give in. I have been the one to make 90% of the compromises but I am less likely to do that now. Even my BFF… she got married last year after being unmarried for 10 years. I won’t say single because she has NEVER been that. She has gone from one bad relationship to another and kissed a lot of frogs.. but now she has a prince. The day her brother walked her down the isle to give her away, I felt like it really should have been ME..LOL! Love her to death, but I let her make the first phone call if we haven’t talked in a while. (most of the time) She is still worth the extra effort, but I have lost contact with several when I wasn’t the one making all of the effort. That’s ok… their loss. I wish them well and pray they have new friends. 🙂

  2. Ronnie Friedland said:

    Hysterical! Good one!

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Marianne said:

    Way to go Paula whats wrong with that and you don’t have to do DISHES HEHEHE Plus save Money.

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