Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

A day of reflection. Sad in some ways, but more joyful when I remember. Not all you have missed, but the results of your wonderful parenting skills. You were not only a hands on Father when in the 50’s, that was unusual and unique, you were loving, supportive, and beyond fantastic. When the boys called you from their rooms three flights down, to help with homework, ( and I had no clue about math), no matter how tired you were at the end of the day, you were there totally. We were a family that made communication a priority… every way. We instigated a Sunday morning family council meeting. It was in no way democratic. It was total dictatorship. Majority did not rule. If the boys and myself voted for, and you voted against, it was your decision. Well this was before women’s lib, but in our home, changes were taking place quickly. You were 100% fine with the new rules of the council meetings. Majority wins.. No problems, no drama, and no complications. Anything was allowed to be said, and no restrictions on vulgarity. The boys could say whatever they wanted to, and about each other and they did…….. being 18 months apart, one can only imagine the surface tormenting that went on. I refuse to name the tormentor. I love him and the tormented far too much. The council meetings lasted for as long as I can remember. We were a completely connected family and have remained, always there for each other. The word love isn’t quite strong enough.
Barry, you would be so proud of your sons, not only devoted and caring to me, but loving husbands, and fathers. They are strong role models for Tommy, Taylor, and Danielle. I know you look after us. I know in my heart and soul you know, and your wonderful eyes and smile are shining down on us….. Our Guardian Angel, our Sunflower. Our sons Forever Father.

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