Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

I think at the age I am, I do know about women’s issues…. Knowing what clothes to keep, so I go shopping in my closet is something I know about. Raising terrific loving sons, and hopefully giving some wisdom to them and my grandchildren is easy. Being a friend is hopefully what my friends appreciate. Knowing who should and should not be in my life, another easy one.
But politics is something I always knew I knew very little about, and now less than little. Sunday morning news programs and New York Times doesn’t clear up anything for me. I consider myself apolitical, but I do like to be aware. Involved no, because then I would never sleep, I remember growing up, there were politicians that had integrity. Now, that doesn’t seem to be so important. Not that any one with that personality would want to date me, but if someone wanted to fix me up with a politician, I would of course decline.
I have a friend from New Zealand and she emailed me recently what most of my friends think of Trump. I do know none of them are voting for him. Obviously he has a Huge fan base and they frighten me. Hate also frightens me. Have things changed that much, or has my tolerance for fighting and name calling reached an all time low?
Does Bernie have a chance to make all the changes he wants to make actually happen? Health care and college for all and free. Does Trump really plan on building a wall and deporting millions? Is Hillary really a liar….about everything? Who knows what the truth is. I certainly don’t and reading and listening to all the news only makes me totally perplexed.
I wish all this was over and we had a president. Hopefully one we can respect and one who is qualified for the office.
Bill Maher said on his show Friday night that Canada is building its own wall….to keep us out!!!!!

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