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Can We Be Just Friends?

I’ve been a widow for almost 13 years. Tried Internet Dating and realized it wasn’t a good pass time for me. I have met  some nice men that I would be platonic friends with. They seem to have no interest, and I understand, somewhat . I would enjoy another romantic love, but chemistry is the essence, and if that’s lacking, romantic love is not possible. I once read that with  any relationship between two straight, opposite sex, someone wants more….. than friendship. That seems to me sad because then the possibility of platonic rarely exists????. I’ve met a few men I would enjoy friendship with, but never worked. OK then, you don’t want to be just friends. I get it.




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  1. Paula…good post but the word is platonic… Sent from my iPad


  2. Reblogged this on mother nature is a man and other observations.. and commented:

    Sorry for misspelling platonic. Thank you Ronnie for telling me. Forever friend and editor….

  3. I sense men overlook the possibility of friendship maybe in their rush to find that one special person. I do wonder if they have that “opposite sex friendship box” along with all of the other compartmentalized boxes that they have in their heads. No criticism intended.

  4. I have a true, honest to God, platonic friend who is male. He also happens to be one of my husband’s closest friends. We used to live near him and his wife and moved away 20 years ago. He lives in Michigan and we live in Texas. But we still talk 2 to 4 times a month and see each other on occasion. They came to KY for our daughter’s wedding last year. We have stayed close to him, but not the wife so much. If the relationship depended on her effort, it would not exist. She is not the type to stay in touch. She is not a touchy, feely person and she also has an extremely busy life as an attorney. I don’t fault her, it is just who she is.

    It is more difficult for men to be platonic I think… especially if they are not already in a relationship. If he and I were not married to our perspective spouses I’m not sure how that would work. I believe the platonic relationship would be harder. I have always gotten along better with men than women though and I do much better with male therapists than female. It’s harder for me to trust women…lol. I’m sure there is some deep psychological reason behind THAT one! 😀

    • That’s a wonderful platonic relationship Courtney and it is possible…just doesn’t seem to be usual. I’ve always had good women friends and since my husband died, I’ve cleared out My Friendship Garden and definitely careful who I’m friends with in the city I don’t like drama and try to surround myself with nourishing positive women. It’s all about quality. I’m fortunate to have a keen sense of intuition and when I see red flags, I run. It’s very healthy to have good women friends to interact with. At this stage, I really have little patience with bitterness and negativity. The problem with men friends is the lack there of. No man I have met wants that kind of friendship and I’m definitely not interested in any kind of intimate relationship…..especially when I have rarely wanted to go out a second time. Always great to read your input.

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