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Can We Be Just Friends?

Sorry for misspelling platonic. Thank you Ronnie for telling me. Forever friend and editor….

mother nature is a man and other observations..

I’ve been a widow for almost 13 years. Tried Internet Dating and realized it wasn’t a good pass time for me. I have met  some nice men that I would be platonic friends with. They seem to have no interest, and I understand, somewhat . I would enjoy another romantic love, but chemistry is the essence, and if that’s lacking, romantic love is not possible. I once read that with  any relationship between two straight, opposite sex, someone wants more….. than friendship. That seems to me sad because then the possibility of platonic rarely exists????. I’ve met a few men I would enjoy friendship with, but never worked. OK then, you don’t want to be just friends. I get it.

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  1. Hi dear friend. Wishing you a beautiful day!

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