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Anything Really Change?

Michelle Obama feeling a little depressed. I think we all have a feeling of sadness for what was once our lives. Continue to feel grateful for all I have . Sadly as a friend said” our old age is being stolen from us.” Still can’t whine because hopefully we have years ahead of us. I fear between now and November, there will be ugly times. Frightening words and deeds. I live with sameness not really being with family or going out. When I do go out with my mask and see others with masks, I’m in the Twilight Zone. No one has lived like this, so it’s our emotional tools that get us through the days.
My go to mindless tv, is 90 Day Fiancé . Love the foolishness and feel no guilt enjoying to the Max.
Sorry to repeat, but isolating is repeating every day and night trying!!!!…I do have a new routine that I love.Desk Cycle. Every night for one hour pedaling to nowhere watching tv.. Not going to give grateful list, but it’s there. I’m trying so hard to be strong and hopeful. Wish I had loads of bread recipes to share. I don’t have one, nor do I care. If anyone interested in the healthiest oatmeal recipe, please ask . I would feel motivated and useful to share.
We will get through this. We have no choice.
Wish you all good health. Physical and emotional. A virtual hug in there too. I really miss hugs!!!

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  1. I understand completely. Life is weird and surreal. Sometimes it feels normal and sometimes I look around at all of us with a mask on and think “there is nothing normal about any of this”. I don’t know when the day will come that we will be ok, but I pray it is sooner than later. In the meantime, I think it is going to get worse before it gets better.

    I dread the time between now and November and I get frustrated with people who make asinine statements like “It’s all going to disappear on November 4th” Oh Really?? Tell that to the people who have lost loved ones to this wretched disease. Tell THEM it’s not real or that it is all some political ploy. Whoever “wins” in the election, there is going to be chaos and we will not have any answers the day after or the day after that. I believe there will be a fight and we all suffer even more uncertainty and Marshal Law will be declared to survive. What a horrible state our nation is in 😢

    Sorry.. that is just how I feel right now 😩

    • Your post resonated with me completely. I only hope everyone who wants to vote will be counted and the election is honest. Let the streets be used for celebrations and dancing. Lets meet soon for a virtual drink…..xoxo Lets use our emails to conntect

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