Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Rooibos Tea

Please google the health benefits of Rooibos tea… To drink everyday🤗

Spring Awakening

That time of year, almost, when new hopes and dreams are imagined and hopefully fertilized. You always have to be Awake and ready.

Global News Brazil

I was asked to do an interview and talk about the Stitch Community. I’m always happy to do this, because I believe so strongly in their vision for a site that literally stitches a community together. People from all over the world connecting with each other. I know this personally. I met a great new friend from New Zealand. Last year June was a stranger, and this year visiting as a friend. It will be a joy to see and be with her again. Makes the world a smaller place. Tomorrow night having dinner with two new friends who attended the Stitch Comic Strip event
So two producers, a camera person and assistant came to my apartment and they were all terrific. I trusted them immediately and felt very much at ease during the process. It took over five hours. It was for a news show in Brazil that talked about different ways of aging etc etc. There were two women that I wanted with me during this interview because I knew their input would be high energy and positive. Michell and Ni, I thank you because as Ni said after seeing the tape, “we were all on point.” Marcie and Andrew from Stitch were pleased and the best news was they had large spike of new members.
The process was somewhat strange because I’m not that familiar with editing and finished product.
As I said they were here for over five hours and the finished product? I think the entire coverage of the three of us was 3 minutes. Marcie on tape fortunately was able to talk in more specific ways about Stitch and that was the point. My only problem…….we were three pretty savvy women talking about age, men, and lack of men, and so many other subjects. Good stuff that sadly couldn’t be shown because of the time restraint.
Just saying, interesting, very interesting conversations we had…..somewhere in the universe I guess…..

Frustration! Not So Terrible

When I lived in New Jersey a lifetime ago, I always assumed my washing machine and dryer would live forever. We had Maytag and that was their reputation. So while I didn’t take humans for granted, I did take my washing machine and dryer very much for granted. As a matter of fact, they are what I miss most in New Jersey….except for a rare few people I love from my other life with my wonderful husband. When occasionally my machines stopped performing, I would call a service person and like magic they were fixed. Now I live in an apartment in New York City, and machines are in laundry room and not my responsibility.
So what is my responsibility…….. is me, and the machines that have to keep working? My phone and my computer.
The last two days I have been on the phone trying to get information re Medicare and Aarp. My iPhone and computer. Yesterday I was only on the phone for five hours and got very little info that I needed. Voila, they told me to call Social Security which I did, and was told the wait would be over one hour. Just to myself I said f this and hung up. I literally was on the phone for five hours with no satisfaction. I also gave name and date of birth about thirty times.
Today was a different issue. No internet connection on phone or computer. I immediately called my provider which happens to be Spectrum, hoping it was a location issue. That’s easy since its their problem and would be repaired or whatever it requires to fix and all will be fine. But alas it was with my modem and router. I should be embarrassed to say I didn’t know one from the other. Actually, I don’t know the difference or I didn’t until today. I was on the phone with Apple and Spectrum for several hours but with a huge difference. I owe huge gratitude to Ally at Apple. She was knowledgeable and extremely patient. She even called me back when we were disconnected. She also realized it wasn’t an Apple problem, but with my modem and router. So I called my provider and to my surprise, got someone immediately willing and able to help. I also had a quick lesson in those two mysterious boxes. Very easy now to know the difference. Don’t know if you can relate, but when it comes to wires and taking them in and out, and unplugging devices, I get very nervous and think everything is going to just disconnect and will have to wait a week to find out what I did wrong. Oh, didn’t want to forget that Ally said if I have a problem to please call her and she gave me her contact information. A miracle in my opinion. Now I’m beginning to feel like a tech genius plugging wires in and out and nothing is blowing up. Spectrum advisor was very helpful and extremely patient. Issue solved. She asked if I would take part in a survey and the end of the call. I know it sounds so easy…..five simple questions and you do on your phone..1-10 is your choice to answer. 1 not satisfied to 10 totally satisfied. Here’s the tricky part…they tell you how to do 10. I have no clue and end up giving a 9. At the end of survey you can leave message and I have left the same message several times over the last few months. “I meant to answer 10 on all questions, but not sure how to put in so leave 9. As you can see the tech part of my life is not where my strengths are strongest.
So today not as frustrating… When I think of what’s going on in this county and the rest of the world, I realize spending hours on the phone is pretty easy compared to trading places with anyone else. I have a friend who is helping in a country across the world where people are starving and being murdered. Over the years, gratitude has taken over any real complaining. It’s part of the mindfulness experience of how to live….if you’re fortunate to have the choice.

Nuts and Seeds

I’m not going to write about politics. I do enough of that on Facebook. It’s rather like a wonderful support group. I’ve never been in a true support group other than friends and family. This is mostly strangers all feeling the exact same way and very comforting.
I’m not going to write about Valentines Day since I already did that, several times over the years, and not much has changed. My Valentine Love died over 12 years ago, and no one has come close to my heart.
I’m not going to write about dating sites since I covered almost all of them, and will only be on where people are verified and catfish are not swimming around their site. I recommend to anyone over 50 looking for romantic or non romantic connections. A lovely and delightful community.
So what I would like to blog about is nutrition. I’m not a trained nutritionist or doctor. Just my opinion and my experience, and at this age, hopefully some wisdom.
I have always viewed food as not only pleasure, but you are what you eat philosophy. My weight has always stayed the same, and would be considered slim. Not going into exercise regime, I’ll save for another time.
I have a nice relationship with food. Have always practiced portion control, and I rarely if ever let emotions drive my appetite. I have had people say “you can’t love food. Otherwise you would weigh more.” That is as false as saying “you probably have no appetite.” Another falsehood. So food is my friend and not my enemy. I do stay away from poured salt and sugary snacks or desserts. I eat about 8 small amounts of food all day. Rarely if ever have 3 meals a day. My go to always……nuts and seeds. Contrary to what you hear, nuts are not fattening. Like avocados, good fat.I eat one cup of nuts throughout the day. Filling and doesn’t create hunger as carbs do. You’re snacking during the day and rarely have a craving. Like beans, they are satisfying. Walnuts are called heart healthy, and you can google all the rest to see vitamin content. Almonds, filberts, cashews,and macadamia nuts should be mixed in a cup. Adding sunflower and pumpkin seeds only enhances the value. There are many other seeds and I have flax and chia in the morning. Every morning I have a square of very dark intense chocolate. 95-100%…I recommend if you can eat nuts…
Never obsessed with weight. I fortunately have never had a problem because I eat what I like and never feel deprived. I would rather have some raw veggies than a cookie. I would rather have a glass of wine when I’m out then dessert. I would rather have a few slices of great bread with olive oil than any dessert.
So instead of going nuts with the news lately, have some to enjoy.
Happy Valentines Day All…..May the love in your hearts keep nourishing each other.

New York City

I am so proud of the city I live in. We are diversified and kind to one another. I did like that our mayor said he will protect the citizens against what seems to be a terrifying alternative.

The March January 21 2017

I’m very vocal about politics with close friends and on Facebook…..Not so much on my blog although I am reflective and emotional and always from my truth. I just don’t want to be political, because I would get all tangled up in my emotions, especially at this time in this country.
But wanted to do a post about a time in history that I felt a part of. The Women’s March in NYC. I marched or walked rather slowly for over 5 hours with close friends, women, men, children. Solidarity, Unity, Love, Peace, and Action Oriented people. All feeling the same emotions. Not “alternative facts” but the truth. There were over 300,000 in NYC and I felt proud and empowered to be a part of history.
This is just the beginning of The Resistance Movement.


Winter has begun, but only one little snow storm…..but plenty of cold, dreary, windy days. In the city I live and love, there are few trees to shield the wind. I don’t weigh very much and feel I need to hold on to street poles not to be blown away. I live near the river so it’s especially windy. I think that bears instinctively know what’s best. For the winter, just hibernate. Hang in and stay cozy. But I’m not a bear and since they don’t get bored, I mean I don’t know for sure, but I know for sure, I would get a bit sad if I had to stay inside. So I layer and layer and layer and go out. It actually takes about 15 extra minutes putting on layers and the top layers as well. Coat, gloves, hat, and boots. Nanook of the North is what I resemble when I go out. Top that with sunglasses for glare, and I could be out trick or treating as Mother Winter. I also go to one of my favorite quotes and hope you can use as well, when it’s a blizzard out there… “In the depth of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer.” Albert Camus

Tick Tock

listening to the constant ticking of a vintage clock in an apartment  I am visiting…. I said stop the clock, I want to get off.



January Joys

Throwing out that last page in December was a welcome moment. Not that it was a terrible year, but politics which I rarely write about on my blog was disturbing. A New Year for me always brings some new hopes and dreams to be realized once again. Some are easier than others.
I just finished an article in The New York Times, Style Section…. Modern Love about a cuddling group. It is of course true, that we all need human touch and contact, and when missing or lacking can be serious to your well-being. The writer said her blood pressure peaked because she lacked touch. Now I’m certainly not judging anyone who feels the need to join a group to cuddle with strangers. What ever works for you that you feel is beneficial to your sense of self is not something I would judge. I’m talking about myself. That would probably be the last thing I would do..I never go to singles groups either because anything that I would find demoralizing is off-limits. Going on-line dating sites is easier, and I go on and vow never to go on again until I go on again…..always thinking maybe this time. Sadly the one guy I met is totally limited emotionally, and I know red flags when I see them flapping away. It’s great when you reach a certain age and wisdom seeps in and takes over emotions. Mistakes become lessons.
So back to cuddling. You go in a home where there are mattresses on the floor and you take your place and select a partner to cuddle with for 15 minutes, and then switch partners. If a couple sees an unattached woman, they will ask her to join their coupling session. There is no alcohol and no sex. It’s all about just the human touch. At first I smiled reading this article, but then I became very sad to think how tragic it is for so many singles to have to cuddle with a stranger. Perhaps that’s why there are so many pets in NYC… Last year I suggested to my dear friend to have a stuffed adorable animal to chat with or “cuddle.” I have a collection and of course I give them all personalities. If a few fall off their pillow, I apologize and gently put them back. As I child it was natural for me to give personalities to inanimate objects. So how could I read and think it’s rather strange to go to a group of strangers for comfort of an intimate nature. By the way my friend loves her stuffed doggie and has given him a name and personality. Living alone and fighting the word lonely or loneliness is a full-time job. Somewhat easier for me since I have a full-time therapist 24/7….Me ..Anything positive is a positive.
This brings me to the term self-love. The New York Post Interview will cover this topic, I hope most of what I do and feel about self-love will make the edit and be on the video. Enough on the subject for now.
I hope the New Year brings new beginnings for all who are working on projects and new endings for things or people who shouldn’t be in your life in the first place. Self love gives you the confidence to know the difference.
Wishing Laughter, Love, Peace, and Safe Lives to all.