Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


Memorial Day Weekend is always a new beginning for me. The start of the summer and the flood of memories of past summers flows over me. Not in a depressing way fortunately, just remembering. It takes work on my part not to be sad. Oh sure, a pity party every now and then, but never stay too long at the party for sure.
I could list everyone and everything I am grateful for, that goes without repeating once again. I try to live in the moment and at this moment, I am so glad to be in my apartment and not going out in polluted air and heat. Very busy the last few weeks so it’s a joy to veg out……and without any guilt I might add.
Leaving next week for six wonderful family fun love. weeks in Duck, North Carolina and Richmond, Virginia. Look forward to with glee and joy.
Tomorrow night with family and then other friends until I leave….all good stuff.
Could it be better? Of course, with a new love in my life, but no way do I obsess over not having one. I know so many terrific women, all ages who have no guys in their lives. As you all know, I go on some dating sites just to see if miracles happen, and so far no. I do have a funny terrific pen pal who happens to be a comedian and laughter comes easily when reading his words.
I talk with many women,… Their words repeat themselves. “There’s no one normal out there. The men are limited emotionally or just plain awful”. I try to be positive and think it’s not possible that they’re all horrible. I would never bash men having had a wonderful husband, two great sons, two great grandsons, and a few great nephews thrown in the mix. They are “out there.” But like finding a diamond in the sand, difficult to locate.
And the few experiences in just emailing or meeting for tea/drink. “There’s no one normal out there. The men are limited emotionally and just plain awful.” Sorry guys, that’s the consensus. It is what it is and it is what it isn’t. Like life itself. I know in my heart of hearts, not all terrible.
So wishing everyone the most wonderful start of the summer and may your wishes be like stars, only better. Always there, but not necessarily able to grab. Perhaps to hold though……
By the way, no matter how grateful I am…….Valentines Day Still Sucks…….

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  1. Ronnie Friedland said:

    Like this one..very real..

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  2. Great post my dear. I know you are looking forward to time with the family. Those are always good trips for you and will give you good energy. My summer started 2 weeks ago and it will be jam packed with craziness. I will only have a couple of weeks to come up for air and the fall semester will begin! HA! I hope your summer is awesome!
    Love the new picture btw! The last one was great too, but you look so fresh and happy in your own skin! 🙂

    • Thank you always Courtney for your supportive words. Pictures were taken for hopefully self published book coming out…eventually…the editing process is so time consuming. Your summer sounds really busy and sometimes crazy is good. I hope your summer is awesome and full of good fun and joy. Richmond is always fun and going to Duck, the beach, for a week even more fun. There will be 12 of us and the bonus…… a wedding on the beach. Lets always keep in touch. xoxo

  3. Marianne said:

    Very well put Paula and have a great Vacation Girl. Love you.

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