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A Wonderful Happening

When you travel by bus, as I do in the city, conversations start up in many strange ways. The bus was crowded, and we were all quite close to each other. A woman got on soon after I did. Very simple in dress, no makeup at all… she had a kind and sweet aura that seemed to flow from her very essence.. For some reason, I was drawn to her and I couldn’t understand why until we spoke, and then I knew. We looked at each other, and I noticed once again, that even her skin glowed, and her eyes twinkled when she smiled. No words were exchanged during this perhaps 30 second encounter of just standing right next to each other. The silence, broken when she whispered to me “do you know how old I am?” Well, no I said, and she didn’t, thank goodness, want to play the guess my age thing. ” I’m 86 and I have a boyfriend. We live together”….and that was it. I told her how great that was. I felt wonderful. The message was delivered.


Rushing to leave the post, I am sorry for spelling of remedy..oh well..sometimes emotions prevail over professionalism.

A Moment of Weakness

Over the years, I have certainly made phone calls that would have been better off not dialed..whether anger, a moment of weakness, or the glass of wine contributing to the weak moment. I have my own remedy. I do the physical part of picking up the phone, and I say what I feel…everything…I hold absolutely nothing back. A geyser of feelings cascading out. One big difference…I don’t dial.

A Natural Choice

Taking matters in your own hand….a why not manual for women of all ages…You know just where and when, and for how long…round and round you go …a small voltive candle on the night stand, Channel Orange playing in the background, you glance at a picture of someone you loved so much, or you have your own fantasy, and you keep going round and round fast and faster and breathing so quickly, you almost can’t breath and then a release unlike any other…just totally relaxed… a faint smile, and if only there was someone to kiss…if only someone to hug you…if only…if only..

TV…my friend

I am a bit wary of anything connected to a plug, no matter how necessary. Never taking people for granted, I do assume the “things” in my apartment will last forever. What I miss in my apartment? My very own washing machine and dryer, and in New Jersey I had Maytag and seemed to last forever. A given in the 50’s.
TV, computer, phones, hairdryer, flat iron, vacuum cleaner—-please keep working, that’s all I ask. My television is my best friend in the apartment with the computer a strong second best. I totally panic when weird things happen with my electronic compatibility mode.
Digressing, but have you ever noticed that people who don’t own a TV feel they must share that information? I prefer, don’t watch, don’t tell! My sister in law was at a party and met a man that she described as intelligent, charming, and he doesn’t watch television. The recommendation for me, would be the same if she said, intelligent, terrific, cute, and hunts. I don’t think a match made in the universe………………Mr. Charming called me, and within five seconds into our conversation, tells me he hates television and doesn’t even own one,(redundant) and he can’t imagine people watching the idiot box. Of course, within three seconds I felt compelled to tell him I have a very close relationship with my high definition television. I neglected to mention my¬†stuffed westies and rabbits..
“Wow, you don’t even own a TV? Guess that would make it difficult to watch anything”. For me I added, “it’s the first thing I turn on in the morning, and the last thing that goes off at night”. (actually 50% of the time I listen to jazz, on my TV.) I said Wow again, to somehow diffuse his arrogance. “Television is an integral part of my life.” He said he had another call and would get right back to me. That was five years ago.

Powerful documentary

A wonderful documentary that I just experienced…when I really love something, it becomes an experience. Stories We Tell is about love, family secrets, and truth, depending on who’s telling it. A line from the poem quoted in the film, by Pablo Neruda has stayed with me. “Love is so short, forgetting is so long.” The film is written, directed, and lived by Sarah Polley.

A Terrific Emotional Tool

Selective memory, as you get older, is just plain wonderful!!!!!

A sweet day

If you are able medically, a lovely way to start the day is with a few small pieces of very dark chocolate…anything above 85%. It really is quite satisfying, and if not allergic, is very healthy. 90-100% is even better. Also, if you eat several meals a day as I do,, small portions of almonds, walnuts, filberts, and pecans, throughout the day are not only beneficial, but very filling.. Please add any of your own healthy tips..Thanks..I think everyone has something of interest to add.

Channel Orange

Listening and experiencing the music of Frank Ocean fills you with desire, longing, and love.


To be desired does not necessarily equate to being loved. I’ve experienced both, and I prefer the team!